We’re deploying HR tech that’s on the side of workers (instead of exploiting them).

While white collar employees use networks like LinkedIn to communicate skills, milestones, and successes, frontline and hourly workers have nowhere to build a profile, network with employers or tools to help them find the jobs to which they’re best suited.

Using a gamified process, engin collects a series of signals from job seekers to build them a personal, quantified X Profile. Steadily-evolving and analyzed constantly by AI & machine learning, the system builds them a quantified personalized map of their personality and skills.

With engin, job hunters go through a series of entertaining, seemingly whimsical questions that map to state-of-the-art behavioral models that help front-line and hourly workers to find their fit.

Recruiters can’t afford to address problems that engin solves.

Conventional recruitment agency business models leverage deep hiring expertise to find ideal hires, but consultant time-and-effort required makes it impossible for businesses to provide this service for jobs paying below $70K/yr. (A recruiter invests the same amount of time to find a job for someone making $32K as for someone making $90K.)

The opportunity cost makes this category of hires prohibitive for agencies without an assist.

engin helps companies find the right talent. Fast.